Indian Head Massage

This Diploma in Indian Head Massage will provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary to offer safe and effective professional treatments.


This Diploma in Indian Head Massage will provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary to offer safe and effective professional treatments. You will also gain knowledge in relevant areas of anatomy and physiology and systems of the body.

Learning outcome

On completing this course you will be able to:
• Prepare yourself, your client and the work area for a professional IHM treatment.
• Provide a seated IHM treatment.
• Adapt your treatment to meet needs of client by selecting appropriate techniques and sequences.
• Become naturally aware of good posture during the application of IHM.
• Offer suitable aftercare advice.
• Demonstrate the use of good listening and communication skills.
• Explain several benefits of IHM.
• Recognise contra-indications to IHM treatment.
• Identify appropriate oils to use at each treatment and their benefits.
• Reflect upon and evaluate your IHM treatment.
• Carry out a risk assessment and monitor health and safety in the workplace.

Course Content

The following topics will be covered:
• Background and history of IHM.
• Health and safety.
• Client consultations.
• Contra-indications and adaptations for individual needs of client.
• Different massage techniques used in IHM and their effects.
• Preparing yourself and client for treatment.
• Relevant anatomy, physiology and pathology.
• Introduction to chakras and Ayurvedic practices in relation to IHM.
• Full routine of IHM including upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face.
• Benefits of, and how to administer an oil application to the scalp.
• Case studies and written assignments.
• Theory and practical examinations.

Class size

To allow the tutor to monitor each learner’s progress and development, the class size will be kept to no more than 4 learners.

Manuals and Learning Materials

• You are required to bring with you Indian Head Massage by Helen McGuinness (Hodder Education).
• A variety of handout information relating to the course is provided.
• Please bring writing materials for note taking.

The basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be delivered within the course. However, students are expected to build upon this material by reading and completing home study assignments thoroughly in order to achieve the learning outcomes. Providing a range of documented evidence from your case study clients will further support your underpinning knowledge and practical skills.

Course outcome

Be able to offer a safe and professional IHM to a range of clientele.

To develop the underpinning knowledge necessary to execute IHM treatments effectively and safely.


• Learners must be over 18 years of age.
• Demonstrate a suitable level of written and spoken English.
• Be able to receive and perform the IHM routine without any contra-indications (both physically and mentally).
• As the training centre operates on a first floor with toilet facilities on second floor, any physical limitations to using stairs should be considered (we welcome alternative arrangement discussions).

Evidence requirements

You will be observed regularly with one practical assessment. During the assessment, you will be required to complete a short consultation, note any contra-indications, provide a 45 minute seated routine and finish with aftercare advice.

You must provide documented evidence of 25 case studies. Learners are required to complete a portfolio of 25 treatments involving a minimum of 6 clients. To demonstrate the required series of treatments, we suggest choosing 3 clients to receive 5 sessions each. Please choose a variety of clients to coverage, gender, state of health, physical conditions, and emotional states to reflect your underpinning knowledge and ability to work on a wide range of clients. This portfolio is to be handed in 2 weeks prior to the external practical assessment. It can be either typed or handwritten.

There is a One Hour written exam consisting of multiple-choice questions, short answer questions and diagrams to label. A passing grade of 70% or higher must be achieved or arrangements to re-sit the test can be made for a nominal fee.

Indian Head Massage

Course investment


This course is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (‘IPHM’)

Contact Tuition: 18 hours
Guided Learning: 30 hours

Course completion
5 booked sessions and completed within 6 months (case studies, written paper and final practical)

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