Meet Moya

Founder of YOMA Therapies

Moya began her career in the field of well-being and Aesthetics in 2005 and not long after trained as a medical aesthetician.

Her passion to learn and to help others learn (and improve their well-being) was fully supported as she worked tutoring the beauty programme at Trillium College in Canada.

In late 2012, she received an email that would change her life and in June 2013, Moya began to create a new life here in England. By November that year, she was grateful to have been introduced to Body Kind Therapies and began building her client base there. Still holding a strong desire to learn and to help others she found herself tutoring again, this time for a VTCT training centre.

Over the years, Moya became more aware of her ‘healing hands’ and turned her focus to the areas of massage, holistic facials, crystal healing, reiki, meditation and most recently, yoga and reflexology.

Utilizing her strong intuition, Moya treats each booking as a bespoke holistic session to ensure that mind, body, and spirit have been cared for and nurtured.

Now the founder of YOMA Therapies, (formerly Body Kind) Moya is fulfilling another dream of holding a space that welcomes all to explore the more ‘spiritual side’ of well-being whilst maintaining the integrity of several professional holistic treatments.Aside from treatment bookings, Moya also hosts meditation evenings, reiki shares, small yoga classes and a variety of workshops.

Some of Moya’s qualifications include:
• Beauty Therapist
• Medical Aesthetician
• Massage Therapist
• Reiki Master and Practitioner
• Crystal Healing Therapy
• Yoga Teacher
• Reflexologist
• Aromatherapist

“Each time I walk through the doors of YOMA, I feel as though I've walked into a big, warm hug.”


“Moya's treatments always make me feel relaxed, calm and able to face whatever the world wants to throw at me. They are wonderful, enjoyable and Moya is fabulous.”

Sharon T.

01702 589018

135 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3EX

Tuesday 9:30am – 5pm
Wednesday 9:30am – 5pm
Thursday 9:30 am – 6pm
Friday 9:30am – 5pm
Saturday 9:30am – 3pm

For appointments outside these times, please consult your therapist.

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