Reiki Teachings

These Reiki teachings will provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary to offer safe and effective professional (second degree) treatments.


These Reiki teachings will provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary to offer safe and effective professional (second degree) treatments. You will also gain knowledge required to protect yourself and your environment during Reiki sessions.

Learning outcome

On completing First Degree you will be able to:
• Prepare yourself, your friend/family member and work area
• Adapt your treatment when necessary
• Offer suitable aftercare advice
• Have an understanding of Reiki and its many benefits
• Have an understanding of the 7 main chakras and how they are affected by Reiki
• Have an understanding of how to include crystals in a Reiki treatment
• Be attuned to 2 of the 3 traditional Reiki symbols

On completing Second Degree, you will also be able to:
• Offer Reiki healing to a member of the public
• Offer distance or absentee Reiki healings
• Have an understanding of how to work with a pendulum
• Have an understanding of how to use Reiki symbols in a variety of ways
• Be attuned to the 3rd traditional Reiki symbol and one other non-traditional Reiki symbol

Course Content

The following topics will be covered in First Degree:
• History of Reiki
• Reiki Principles and Two Precepts of Reiki
• Uses and effects of Reiki
• Self-preparation for energy work
• 7 Main Chakras
• Hand positions for self and others
• Working with the Reiki symbols

Second Degree will also include:
• Clearing energy from people and animals.
• Repairing the aura
• Distance and absentee healings
• Manifesting, major chakra work and intuitive messages
• Working with clients, offering any messages received and providing suitable aftercare advice.
• Combining Reiki healing with other therapies

Class size

To allow the tutor to monitor each learner’s progress and development, the class size will be kept to no more than 4 learners.

Manuals and Learning Materials

You will receive a binder that will include all lesson notes along with other reading material suggestions.

Course outcome

On completion of First Degree, you will be comfortable with using Reiki on yourself, whilst building your confidence as you discover the many life changing events that often occur once attuned to this beautiful energy. Following Second Degree, you will also be able to offer long distance and absentee healings and now be recognised to treat the public.


A desire to live a calmer and more peaceful, happier life.

Other information

Once you have received your First Degree teachings, you will be invited to join our Reiki shares. These are wonderful opportunities to increase your confidence and learn from others as we share our experiences and then finish with a group healing session.

Reiki Teaching

Course investment
First Degree: £150
Second Degree: £150
Master/Teacher: Price upon request

Contact Tuition: Two short days for First Degree and one day for Second and Third Degree

Course completion
On the day of each degree

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